Paris Escovedo Mexico Organic Berillo SHG Coffee

12 oz.  
Nice aroma of dark chocolate and honey, which is complimented with a sweet citric acidity, and a pleasant sweet finish.

Mexico Organic Berillo SHG

Region Soconusco region, Chiapas Highlands near Motozinta, Mexico
Growing Altitude 1100-1600 masl
Arabica Variety Bourbon, Catuai, Typica and Caturra
Harvest Period January to April
Milling Process Washed, sun dried
Aroma Chocolate, tobacco, honey
Flavor Dark chocolate,orange acidity
Body Medium

In 2007 Paris created “The Paris Escovedo Project” and recorded their first album. The emergence of the album launched a tour both in the United States and abroad at several of the world’s most revered venues and festivals.From the launch of the Project led him to create “The Paris Escovedo Band.”The new band has allowed Paris to unleash his music talents by bringing elite musicians to collaborate in the planning of his next album soon to be released.