Concerts.Cafe House Blend Coffee


12 oz.
Medium Roast

A special hand crafted blend of three Latin coffee beans, all from distinguished origins and grown at high altitude in volcanic soil and medium roasted which gives them a pleasant brightness and sweetness.

This complex blend pays homage to the high quality of coffees produced by our Latin American Neighbors and includes 3 distinct Latin coffee beans, all from distinguished origins.

Coffee Beans from Latin America tend to have a very distinct set of flavors and textures, depending on their roast. They are often grown at high altitudes in volcanic soil which gives them brightness and sweetness.

Their acidity is usually high, with a light body. There is often a distinct sweetness and tanginess to Latin American coffees.

Tasting Notes: Sweet, roundly and gently pungent. Dark chocolate, ripe orange, black cherry, walnut, a hint of narcissus-like flowers in aroma and cup. Lightly syrupy mouth feel; walnut and chocolate carry into a deep though drying finish. An orangey chocolate with hints of walnut and light florals dominates in three parts milk.


Concerts.Cafe House Blend Coffee
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