Myron McKinley Trio – Chick Corea Tribute Concert

In February, we lost Chick Corea, a music pioneer and a pillar of the global music community. This month, the Myron McKinley Trio want to bring you a special experience in celebrating Chick’s life and music with special arrangements and renditions of his songs, AS WELL AS an intimate interview with the band about their experiences with Chick and the impact that he had on their lives that you will NOT want to miss – it’s not everyday we can introduce a supergroup like this one!

3 thoughts on “Myron McKinley Trio – Chick Corea Tribute Concert

  1. TheOnlyTAM says:

    Just WOW. Myron, you never stop blowing my mind. Such a genius. One day, I WILL watch M2III with my mouth shut, but not possible this time around. You are the most perfect artist (4 many reasons) to pay such beautiful homage to him. Being a huge fan of both of you, this is tugging my heart strings all over the place. I KNOW Chick is smiling down on you BIGLY. You made him & us very proud with your emotional, respectful and imaginative interpretations…. chills. Much love to you & the guys. Bravo! <3

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