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Myron McKinley Legacy Coffee

12 oz. 
Ethiopian Misty Valley Blend Light/Medium Roast

Inspired by the Myron McKinley Legacy Concert Series, this coffee perfectly captures the spirit of Myron’s music – tasteful, rich, high-flying and full of subtle flavorful notes!

This is our highly touted Ethiopian specialty coffee blend, roasted light to medium to maintain the delicate fruit and floral floral aromatics. This blend creates a sweet, deep, balanced dark chocolate, grapefruit, crisp flowers – lavender, freesia – in aroma. This Ethiopian coffee has a silky mouth feel; crisp, deeply flavor-saturated finish, and maintains its complexity into three parts milk, untamed and fruit-forward. The fudgy chocolate is traditional but the bright, complex; exhilarating fruit is strictly in the new American mode.


Keyboardist Myron McKinley has a clear vision for his own creative expression, but perhaps more importantly, he has a clear vision for providing a necessary impetus to shatter the boundaries and stimulate the evolution of jazz. Dropping February 10th, 2023, on the Dark Elf Music label, the ten-song “Sound Alchemist” is a learned thesis of sonic exploration and experimentation written and produced by McKinley as a mélange of contemporary, straight-ahead and fusion jazz; hip hop, R&B and soul; and multicultural nuance.

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The Myron McKinley Legacy Concert Series is an ongoing concert series of unique music performances, that allows performers to step outside their standard repertoires and cut loose in an exploration of the vast legacies of American music. Filmed before a live audience, these concerts are available for both In-Person Attendance and as Livestreamed Virtual Events.

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“Man In the Mirror” – Verdine White, Stanley Clarke, Myron Mckinley Trio


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Myron McKinley Electronic Press Kit